MAX EDEN: What Happened in Loudoun Schools.

The report suggests that lax school discipline played a role in the second assault – but did the transgender bathroom policy truly play a role in the first? After the Daily Wire article was published, many liberal pundits insisted that it was unfair to say so because the policy was not yet officially in place. But the report contained two strongly suggestive details. First, a teacher had walked into the bathroom as the first sexual assault was occurring and seen two pairs of feet in a stall – but took no action. The assailant knew that he had a space where he could commit an assault, later commenting that “they usually don’t do anything” when seeing things like two pairs of feet in a stall. Second, top Loudoun school officials understood the connection between this incident and their bathroom policy. Shortly after the assault, the district’s chief operating officer e-mailed the superintendent, deputy superintendent, assistant superintendent, and director of communications, saying that “the incident at SBHS is related to policy 8040 [the transgender bathroom policy]. I will send a Teams appointment from 3:30 to 5.”

For many months before Daily Wire’s Rosiak broke this story, Loudoun schools had been in the news for their aggressive embrace of woke policies and ideology. After the news got out, reaction filtered along partisan lines: conservatives insisting that something was deeply rotten, liberals arguing that conservatives were wrong or simply ignoring the story altogether.

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