BOMB CANADA: THE CASE FOR WAR. Canucks Claim Killing Cripples Is Compassionate Care.

If you’re an MSNBC viewer and you don’t know what “euthanize” means: This lady was having trouble getting around the house, so Canada offered to move her into a coffin.

Wow, even Canada’s own government admits that living in the second-worst snowbound communist country on Earth is a fate worse than death.

This sort of medical advice is not only legal in Canada, it’s actually preferred under the country’s Medical Assistance In Dying law, or MAID. Hey, maybe socialized medicine is the way to go after all. I can’t even get my maid to do the windows, let alone a contract killing.

I’m pretty sure Charlton Heston didn’t agree to star in Soylent Green because he thought it would make a great how-to guide for 2022:

(Classical reference in headline.)