MARY KATHARINE HAM: Why the Media Makes Musk a Villain but Lets SBF Off Easy.

It’s why instead of vague threats from the White House, Sam Bankman-Fried gets a gushy tweet from Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, current chairwoman of the House Committee on Financial Services, which will be investigating his misdeeds:

And Musk?

Well, “His political donations over the past several years have trended from majority-blue, to mixed, to almost entirely Republicans. He’s promised that if his bid to purchase Twitter is successful, he’ll bring former President Donald Trump back to the platform.”

He is not in the club anymore. Neither his donations nor his talking points earn him protection from those who now vilify him in the public eye and government.

The truth is the guy stealing billions in other people’s money is more of a supervillain than the guy spending his own, and the coverage and government response should reflect that.

So why doesn’t it? Sam Bankman-Fried’s media outlets must come clean.