JOHN NOLTE: Only Harvey Weinstein Could’ve Saved She Said from Bombing.

Let me be clear: I have always thought Harvey Weinstein was a scumbag. And now he’s a convicted rapist where he belongs… Dying in prison and disgrace. So bear with me here…

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Then there’s 1) the fact the trailer gives away the whole movie, 2) the movie feels like homework and nothing close to a cinematic experience, and 3) the whole thing comes off as a poorly-shot, washed-out TV movie.

Finally, according to reviewers I trust, She Said is the opposite of an exposé. It’s actually a whitewash. Oh, sure, Harvey takes a well-deserved beating, but the countless number of elite media and Hollywood types who knew this was going on and said nothing get a total pass. The left-wing institutions of journalism and entertainment must be protected!

Oh, I know She Said is a very-very-very-very-very important movie about a very-very-very-very-very subject we have all been battered with for five very-very-very-very-very long years, but you can’t make us pay to go and see it.

The other thing is this bitter irony…

Want to know who could have turned She Said into a $100 million movie?

Harvey Weinstein.


That was Weinstein’s genius.

He knew how to drive an adult, agenda-driven movie to big box office and Oscar glory.

As I wrote in 2017 when the Weinstein story first broke wide-open, “by the 1990s, Hollywood product meant two things: mindless ‘blowed up real good’ CGI summer action movies and the Oscar-bait Weinstein specialized in. The latter are beautifully photographed movies cast with beautiful women — who no doubt did, witnessed, or at the very least heard stories of unspeakable things with Harvey to land their roles. And in many cases, these films are a clear insight into Harvey’s abhorrent worldview. He was the sheriff of that lawless town indeed.”