TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE! Howie Carr: Happy birthday, Biden! You’re making 80 the new 150.

On every subject, confusion abounds, and it’s only getting worse.

On the campaign trail, he forgot the name of the governor of New Mexico. (She does have three names). He lauded Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden, then seconds later couldn’t recall his name and instead described Wyden as “that other guy that I just talked about.”

He talked about his visit to Florida in the aftermath of “Hurricane Ivan.”

He wished a speedy recovery to Nancy Pelosi’s husband “Bobby.” (His name is Paul.)

At age 80, Biden is unable to read the simplest words off the Teleprompter. The word “ban” comes out as “blan.” He tries to urge people to vote, but instead says “veto.” Inflation is rendered as “implation.” The Obergefell decision by the Supreme Court (gay marriage) comes out as “Ogilfry.”

He called Intel “Inkel,” and recalled meeting with “the Chee-E-O.”

Likewise, he recounted a sit-down with the chairman of GM, “Amy Barrett.” No, Mr. President, that’s the Supreme Court justice. You met with Mary Barra, but at least whatever-her-name-is had some good news for the American people and their motor vehicles.

“We’re gonna go all electric by 3035.”

Not 2035, but 3035.

And when 3035 arrives, this is how the George Jetson vehicles are going to be powered — “electric charging stations all across America the power to fleet to to take care of the fleets of new electric vehicles… 50, excuse me, 500,000 charging stations around the country.”

However, the Gray Lady just can’t see any problems with Sundown Joe: NY Times: Age is more than just a number and Biden may be a super-ager. “Joe Biden is already the oldest any person has ever been as president. And sure, on its own that’s not enough to say anything about him. But there are clear signs that he’s having memory problems, gait problems, problems putting sentences together, problems keeping his stories straight, problems keeping his accomplishments straight, etc. All of it suggests there might be a problem here, but I think the story above makes it pretty clear the Times isn’t interested in exploring that story beyond a few upbeat quotes, at least not right now.”