I FEEL THE NEED, THE NEED FOR SPEED! Ex-girlfriend of disgraced FTX founder bragged of ‘regular amphetamine use’ on Twitter.

Caroline Ellison, who served as CEO of Bankman-Fried’s crypto trading house Alameda Research, has been under intense scrutiny along with her former lover when their companies crashed and filed for bankruptcy last week.

Alameda was allegedly transferred $10billion of FTX customer money in secret by Bankman-Fried as investors withdrew $6billion from the crypto platform last week. The rush came just hours after rival Binance refused to bail out the competitor.

Around $2billion of the $10billion transferred to Alameda is reportedly still missing.

It was one of the biggest crashes in the crypto market, with one-time crypto golden boy Bankman-Fried at the center of the controversy as he admitted: ‘I f***** up.’

But the scrutiny has gone beyond Bankman-Friend as it is revealed Ellison once made a viral post on social media about using amphetamines.

‘Nothing like regular amphetamine use to make you appreciate how dumb a lot of normal, non-medicated human experience is,’ she tweeted on April 5, 2021.

Ellison did not elaborate which amphetamine drug she had taken, only that it helped motivate her to get out of her house and decide what to eat quickly.

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Back in 2020, Bankman-Fried also touted his use [of] Adderall, a prescribed amphetamine.

Strong case of restless leg syndrome possibly on display here: