ANOTHER DEMOCRAT GETS RED-PILLED: There’s an old saying that when you are taking flak, you know you’ve over the target. My friend and client, Asra Nomani, a lifelong Democrat has over the years taken abuse from the likes of Linda Sarsour, Rashida Tlaib and other “Squad” members. Her crime? Although a Muslim, she actually dares to question the double standard the MSM has when reporting on fanatical Islamic violence. (She was a close friend of murdered journalist Danny Pearl.)

Asra’s latest piece is a must read, as she looks deep into the soul of the current Democratic party, and does not like what she sees:

“[T]he Democratic Party, which once valued fairness and justice, has, alas, been torching the American Dream. Democratic politicians, school boards, governors and even US Supreme Court justices are pushing “equity” over equality, “anti-racist” bigotry over colour-blindness, and mediocrity over merit. Literacy and maths scores are plummeting nationwide, while black and Hispanic kids are falling further and further behind — and yet progressive Democrats are far more interested in bringing crackpot racialist theories into our classrooms. In other words: they choose indoctrination over education.”

Under the logic of CrazyWorld, this woman, a well-spoken, gentle and intelligent ethnic Indian of Muslim faith, has been attacked as as a “tool of white supremacy”, promoting a “wannabe white supremacist ideology.” So again, a person of color who strays from the plantation suddenly becomes a “white nationalist.” Utterly insane.

Asra’s story is in fact a perfect example of American Exceptionalism. The ability of an immigrant family to come to this country (legally), work hard, become educated and succeed in their chosen profession is a reality that race-baiters and professional victims will do anything to destroy, because it strips them of the power they obtain in the “cult of victimhood.”