ROGER KIMBALL: The Changing Narrative Regarding Donald Trump.

DeSantis is flavor of the month. We know he has tremendous appeal in Florida.

How he might play on the national stage is unknown.

Trump has promised a “big announcement” on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

Most observers don’t believe he will be advertising Joe Biden’s favorite flavor of ice cream at Trump Tower.

Most people think he will announce his candidacy for president in 2024.

How will that come over?

There are many people who assure us that Trump’s day in the sun is over, that he’s yesterday’s news.

I don’t know if they’re right.

I do remember, though, that many people in 2016 told us that Trump was impossible, that he could never win, that when he did win he could never survive.

For four years, we were told that “bombshells” had been dropped, that “walls were closing in” to hasten Trump’s eclipse.

Maybe this time it’s true.


I’m going to wait and see.

Exit question (and not just related to King Kong versus Godzilla fight for the top of the ticket): So, Where to Now?