SNOWFLAKE NIGHT LIVE: Campus Culture Comes to SNL Over Chappelle Hosting Gig.

There’s unrest at 30 Rock, Page Six hears, over the decision to sign up Dave Chappelle to host “Saturday Night Live” this weekend.

We’re told that some staff writers are so furious that the comedy superstar — who has made transphobic and homophobic jokes — has been chosen to helm the iconic show that they’re sitting out the episode.

“They’re not going to do the show,” an insider told Page Six. “But none of the actors are boycotting.”

But Chappelle’s rep told us that there was nothing to suggest that there was a boycott when they attended writers’ meetings this week.

This completely gives away the left’s game at SNL. I have contended for years that SNL no longer functions as a comedy show, but rather as a Democrat super PAC. The show viciously mocks Republicans week after week, but when a comedian who has told a few trans jokes is set to host, staff writers are suddenly concerned about the danger of comedy.

One of the staffers who is ‘nonbinary’ reportedly said that transphobia is like “murder.”

Along similar lines, the number of comedy writers who would kill to write for SNL must be enormous. Why isn’t Lorne Michaels firing his writing staff, and bringing in writers who aren’t snowflakes?