SPRINGTIME FOR COL. SANDERS: In Germany, the ‘K’ in KFC Mistakenly Becomes Kristallnacht With Promo Error.

In the biggest advertising blunder since a Rhode Island sports bar and grill thought using the words “Anne Frank” and “ovens” in the same sentence was comedic gold, Kentucky Fried Chicken’s German division has apologized for an automated promotional message sent to its app users in that country. The message contained mention of Kristallnacht (Night of the Broken Glass), the 1938 beginning of the Holocaust, as though it was a holiday. From the Washington Post:

 On Wednesday, the 84th commemoration of those brutal riots, KFC Germany sent out push notifications to users of the fried chicken chain’s app. The notification suggested that for the “[c]ommemoration of the Reich pogrom night,” customers could “[f]eel free to add more tender cheese to the crispy chicken,” according to a Google translation of the original message. “Now at KFCheese.”

Elsewhere in Germany: Watch: Germans are dancing to stay warm this winter. Just four years after laughing at Trump:

Watching the footage of the chilly krauts cha-cha-cha-ing, Cockburn can’t help but recall former president Donald Trump’s speech to the United Nations back in 2018, where he warned that “Germany will become totally dependent on Russian energy.” At the time, the German delegation laughed and shook their heads at what they considered yet another absurd broadside from the American president.

Reliable, even-handed CNBC rated Trump’s claim as “highly misleading.” That didn’t age very well.

After a bruising midterm cycle for the Republicans he endorsed, Trump can salve his ego with the fact that he was right about Russian energy.

In a Reuters video showing off the class, one instructor said that “you can dance yourself warm, for example, by taking up the swinging, this bounce that you have all the time, or a triple step.” Another expressed a sense of satisfaction with the program, saying it helped to add some positivity to the “problems with the climate or the energy crisis and such.”

How far Germany has fallen. From being the economic envy of the world, it is now a country where citizens turn to the waltz to save energy and fight the cold — the faint echoes of World War One’s Turnip Winter are hard to miss.

I’d say that we need a complete and total shutdown of Germany until we can figure out just what the hell is going on, but thanks to their suicidal energy policy, that’s exactly what’s about to happen.