I’M PRETTY SURE I SAW CRIMSON HELLSCAPE OPEN FOR OZZY AT THE PHILADELPHIA SPECTRUM IN 1985: Christina Pushaw points and laughs at South Florida Sun-Sentinel editorial on Florida’s new ‘crimson hellscape.’

Nice knowing you, Florida.

After Tuesday’s stunning election results, the state’s political transformation is now nearly complete, from deep purple battleground to crimson hellscape, an ideal launch pad for Gov. Ron DeSantis’ presidential aspirations. We now await a second-term agenda that may feature an open-carry gun law, tighter abortion restrictions, new strategies to suppress the vote and more charter flights for out-of-state migrants, presented with even more of the governor’s trademark hubris.

And who can blame him? DeSantis’ 19-point blowout victory was historic and nothing short of astounding. Best of all for him, he’s not Donald Trump.

He carried 62 of 67 counties, including Miami-Dade and Palm Beach, leaving Broward isolated as a blue island surrounded by red. Besides Broward, the only counties that Democrat Charlie Crist carried were Orange and the medium-sized trio of Alachua, Gadsden and Leon, a sea of red reflecting an epic Democratic collapse.

They’ve since changed it “crimson landscape,” but the original sounds much more metal.