SPENCER BROWN: Republican Voters Deserve Answers and Accountability.

So where will the real answers come from, and who will face accountability? Trump is clearly not going to acknowledge any issues that may have arisen from his picks or take any blame for the outcome. Will the RNC produce a post-mortem report like it did post-2012 that pointed to areas the party felt it missed the mark? Will Tom Emmer explain what happened and why he didn’t deliver a strong GOP majority in a cycle that should have been for Republican seat-flipping, like taking candy from a baby? Will Rick Scott explain why the Senate map did not go the way polls were showing in the final weeks? Why didn’t Republican candidates meet the 52-seat majority he’d predicted a week before Election Day? Will Kevin McCarthy explain why his Gingrich-esque “Commitment to America” didn’t win over voters as he claimed it would? Why his work as House GOP Leader and as a campaigner didn’t set his party up to win a significant majority? His no-show status for hours at his election night party suggests he’s not ready to answer for what happened.

These are all questions Republican voters are owed following Tuesday’s deeply disappointing outcomes. No one believed that “Democracy is on the ballot” was a winning argument made by President Biden and Democrats — and yet that argument seemingly won out over what Republicans were pitching as their final argument. “Democracy” wasn’t even in the top issues listed by voters, who exit polls in key states showed are deeply dissatisfied with Biden’s policies. Yet the economic, national security, and law and order pitches made by Republicans didn’t lead to wins.

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