TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE! Biden tells heckler ‘you look crazy’ in election eve visit to deep-blue Maryland.

President Biden fended off a group of hecklers on Monday — telling one of them “you look crazy” — as he delivered his final speech before the midterm elections in a deeply Democratic part of Maryland.

“You’re a disgrace!” the first of multiple hecklers shouted at Biden during a rally for gubernatorial candidate Wes Moore just outside Washington.

“I tell you what, let him sing! Let the man sing,” Biden said, before reverse-heckling another disruptive guest.

“Hey man, don’t jump. You look crazy enough to jump,” the president told the second heckler, who was wearing a US flag top hat at the historically black Bowie State University.

More gaffes from Biden tonight: President Biden tells black college students they’re just as smart and just as bright.

President Joe Biden is certainly flirting with disaster here, but he pulled it off. Speaking at Bowie State University in Maryland, a historically black college or university (HBCU), Biden told the students that they’re just as smart and just as bright as those students at other schools that have endowments. As we say, it was a risky line, seeing as Biden in 2019 told a crowd in Iowa that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

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UPDATE: America’s Newspaper of Record has found a clip of Biden’s powerful election day video: