CAROL ROTH: The election is about the economy, stupid.

After severe devastation, voters get a chance to hold politicians accountable in the only way available to them today, by voting, and finally get some change.

While Biden and the Democrats have trotted out lies ranging from inflation (it’s transitory, it’s good for you, it’s corporations’ fault, it’s your fault, it’s Putin’s fault, etc.) to saying the economy is ”strong as hell,” people cannot be gaslit when they have to live with the consequences.

Whether it is at the local, state, or federal level, there are people running for reelection who have enabled a lot of destructive policy and new people running who supported these efforts and would do more of the same.

So much damage has been caused that it’s hard to encompass all the egregious economic and financial issues that have resulted from bad policy over the past two-plus years. Here’s a starter recap.

State and local politicians shuttered large sections of the economy, picking winners and losers and telling a large part of the population that they were “nonessential.” Small businesses were targeted, yet relief favored larger companies and was rampant with fraud.

They put in place or supported mandates that took away people’s livelihoods based on a political narrative instead of data and science.

They disrupted the learning and development of kids at all ages.

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UPDATE: VDH: The Left Were the Mad Scientists, We Were Their Lab Rats.