METAPHOR ALERT: The American Flags at Fetterman Event Tell the Tale for Dems’ Election Hopes (Video).

Fetterman has had Joe Biden there in Pennsylvania to campaign, but given how unpopular Joe Biden is, that didn’t help.

So, Fetterman pulled out the Obama card and had him in to help out at an event on Saturday in Pittsburgh.

But there was a seminal moment during the event which was perhaps a metaphor for Fetterman and all the Democrats this cycle.

Fetterman was at the podium, making comments to introduce Obama. He talked about Dr. Oz appearing with President Donald Trump on Saturday; Fetterman claimed that he would be appearing with a “sedition free” president. Watch what happens next.

Also, Fetterman had a very Brandon-esque “Trunalimunumaprzure” moment at the same event: Fetterman says he supports ‘codifying’ Roe v. Wade, but also celebrates its ‘demise:’