August 9, 2005

HI TO DAN SAVAGE, parallel guest-blogger, over there on Andrew Sullivan. He posted up a storm yesterday, putting in quite an effort, even though it’s just the depth of August, the quietest time of the year. (Saying that, however, makes me want to pause and wish the astronauts well. Irish Trojan is simulblogging the landing.) I’ve loved Savage’s advice column for years and even went to a reading he did on one of his book tours. He drew a huge crowd here in Madison, Wisconsin. So, good luck to The Savage Sullivan. Over on my home blog, my commenters are trying to come up with a name for me to use during my Instapundit stint. One writes:

I have a better nickname than AnnPundit or ALTernaPundit (magic though those are).

How about…

Glenn or Glenda?

Sorry, I’m not going to link back to my own blog. It seems gauche. And I don’t want to set these characters off.

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