HMM: Democrats Are Spending More in This Michigan District Than in Any Other in the Country.

The race in Michigan’s redrawn Seventh Congressional District, which pits Democratic incumbent Elissa Slotkin against Republican challenger Tom Barrett, a state lawmaker and military veteran, has emerged as one of the most hotly contested in the country. Together, spending from both sides totals nearly $27 million.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee alone dropped nearly $5 million to save Slotkin, more than the group has spent anywhere in the country. Nearly 1 out of every 22 dollars spent on a House race this cycle has gone to the battle over this district.

Slotkin likely never anticipated such a close race. She currently represents Michigan’s eighth district, but newly drawn districts moved her to run in the seventh, which is slightly more Democratic-voter-heavy than her old home. Biden’s plummeting approval ratings, along with the nation’s shaky economy, however, have nearly negated that advantage.

The district is in many ways the perfect swing district, encompassing the full spectrum of voter types—there are urban voters and college students in Lansing, but also rural voters in surrounding counties, including farmers and blue-collar factory workers.

I don’t know how the race will turn out, but I know it’s wrong that Washington has grown so big and powerful that any one House seat can be worth tens of millions of dollars.