MICHAEL WALSH: To Save America, Repeal the 17th Amendment. “In trying to solve a problem of ‘special interests,’ rather than the states having two powerful advocates for their interests in Washington, Washington got two powerful advocates of its interests in each of the states, greatly assisting what we now call the Swamp in cementing its control over the nation. The sinister Left, currently fretting about losing ‘our democracy’ remains hell-bent on finishing off republicanism in both its senses; for them, only a government by national plebiscite will do. As any student of early-20th century ‘reform’ knows, the cure for ‘reform’ gone awry was and is always more ‘reform’ rather than a return to first principles.”

Plus: “The Senate is no longer regarded as the equally apportioned voices of the states in the upper house of Congress, but rather a way station for ambitious individual senators eyeing the road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”