NO PASARAN: “Defund the Police” Vs. “Defund the FBI”: What Tocqueville and the Founders Might Have Pointed Out.

For instance, listen to one Matt Lewis. He claims to be a “conservative”, which may be true, but it seems more likely that he is using the left’s old trick whereby leftists write letters and posts claiming that “I am a lifelong and faithful Republican except that there is just this little problem that I cannot stomach that dreadful person (Trump/Bush/Reagan/Palin/etc/etc/etc…) that my party nominated” followed by (this being an actual Matt Lewis quote) “Today’s Republican Party is 180 degrees different from the party that most of its members—like myself—signed up to join.”

When you mention “the devastating revelations in the Jan. 6 hearings” (ho-hum) and the “many outrageously cynical flip-flops for the party of Trump”, Matt Lewis — without ever once alluding to any of the Democrat party’s many faults — you might just be a Liz Cheney-type RINO, and therefore an outright fake conservative.

But no matter. Let us hear what Matt Lewis has to say regarding alleged Republican hypocrisy:

After a 2020 election cycle that saw the “law and order” party criticize Democrats for wanting to “defund the police,” we’ve seen quite a few members of the right’s commentariat blithely wave off video of MAGA rioters beating Capitol police officers with flagpoles. (Those cops’ lives don’t matter, to the Blue Lives Matter crowd.) Now, a lot of those same voices on the rightare saying, “Defund the FBI.” So much for lionizing the law enforcement heroes who run toward danger.

Do the FBI’s “law enforcement heroes … run toward danger”, Matt Lewis?  Or do they run towards hymn-singing pro-life activists and towards Melania’s underwear drawer in Palm Beach?

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