BYRON YORK: Joe Biden, the 82 year-old candidate?

First, the NBC report might be wrong. Biden might be at exactly the stage in the decision-making progress that he described to “60 Minutes.”

Second, even if Biden has decided to run again, he is right about the disclosure requirements of the campaign finance laws. It would not be to his advantage to announce now.

Third, even if Biden has decided not to run again, politically, he can’t say so. The moment Biden announces that he will not seek a second term is the moment the entire political conversation turns to his successor, on the Democratic ticket and in the White House. Will it be Vice President Kamala Harris? Will it be another one of the 2020 Democratic primary field? Will it be someone else? The conversation will go on as if Biden did not exist.

Fourth, and most important, is that Biden is simply too old to run again. He was too old to run in 2020, and he is definitely too old now.

Pop a couple of Geritols, and read the whole thing.

Related: Notice Who Isn’t Barnstorming the Country as the Midterms Approach. “But you also can’t help but wonder if Biden’s lack of appearances on the campaign trail for rallies is another concession to the fact that the president turns 80 next month. Biden doesn’t have Covid-19 as a reason to avoid crowds anymore; in the president’s own words, ‘the pandemic is over.’ Biden has already caught Covid-19 and recovered…It seems likely that Biden just doesn’t have the energy to barnstorm the country and make a lot of appearances even if he wanted to, or if the candidates wanted him to.”