THE RACE GAME:  The New Criterion’s October issue contains a great bunch of essays as a part of a symposium entitled “Affirmative Action and the Law.”  My contribution is behind a paywall, but I include it in case you have a subscription.  I’ll be able to post it without the paywall in a few weeks.  In the meantime, here are links to the whole shebang,* most of which is not behind the paywall:

Introduction:  “Adjudicating the racial racket.”

Frank Resartus, “The affirmative action regime.”

Gail Heriot, “An agenda for Congress.”

James Piereson, “The Voting Rights Act after six decades.”

John Yoo and Wen Fa, “Facially neutral, racially biased.”

Glenn Harlan Reynolds, “Affirmative action, democracy & the Supreme Court.”

*I just looked up the word “shebang.”  It means “a rustic dwelling or hut.”  I had no idea.  I have never heard it used in any context other than “the whole shebang.”  It’s funny how a familiar word or phrase–one that you’ve been hearing all your life–can suddenly slap you in face and say, “You don’t know who I am at all, do you?”