ROGER SIMON: Are Tennessee (and Many Other) Public Libraries ‘Grooming’ Our Children?

Twenty-four books were put on display at the library’s front desk, the very first thing anyone would see should they enter, whether they are age 5 or 55. In other words, they were clearly the library’s featured books.

Some of the titles were “This Book Is Gay,” “Beyond the Gender Binary,” “Out!,” “Rainbow Revolutionaries,” “Were I Not a Girl,” and so forth. Others hid behind the completely overt, with titles such as “And Tango Makes Three,” although the essence was the same.

As the author of 13 books—and working on my 14th—I am quite aware of the value of library and bookstore placement. Indeed, publishers pay bookstores to have their books out front for a reason.

Unfortunately, in the case of the Maury County main branch, every one of the 24 books on prominent display was a children’s book—at a height that would easily attract a child—replete with “friendly” hearts, and containing highly sexualized content tilting strongly gay.

The sexualization of many of these children’s books was extreme. Some gave actual Kinsey-type advice on erogenous zones, evidently for young teenagers or even 12-year-olds—almost all of that boy-on-boy or girl-on-girl.

“Grooming” anyone?

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