JIM TREACHER: Lawyer Who Firebombed Cop Car for George Floyd Doesn’t Want to Be in Jail Anymore.

We’ve all been there: It’s Friday night, you’ve had one too many vodka shots, a black guy in a city 1,000 miles away just got killed by the cops, you’re sad and angry about a bunch of other stuff, and…

Well, okay. So maybe. Possibly. Perhaps… you firebombed one little police car. Out of all the law enforcement vehicles in the entire world, maybe one of them caught on fire because of your actions. Not 100. Not 10. Not even two. Just one single solitary teensy-weensy cop car.

Does that mean you should go to jail? For, like, years?

Josh Christenson, Washington Free Beacon:

A left-wing lawyer who pleaded guilty to firebombing a police cruiser is asking for a commutation of her sentence, pointing to the fact that she was inebriated at the time of the offense and coping with “unprocessed trauma,” according to court filings.

Attorneys for Urooj Rahman argue the self-described human-rights activist was “numb, disassociated, and inebriated” when she threw a Molotov cocktail into a New York City police car during the George Floyd riots in May 2020. Lawyers say Rahman was also reeling from her many “abusive partnership relationships” and processing “early trauma” from being taunted as a Muslim after 9/11.

I haven’t watched every episode of Perry Mason, but I definitely missed the one where he railed against the system and shouted, “I hope they burn everything down. Need to burn all police stations down and probably the courts too. This sh** won’t ever stop unless we f***in’ take it all down. The only way they hear us is through violence.”