GREAT MOMENTS IN PROJECTION: Salon: first they come for the transgenders, then they will come for you.

Then they accuse us of being violent. Even “silence is violence.” They fake hate crimes every day to prove how awful Americans are too. Here’s their current rant:

Violence is central to fascism. It forms its origin myths and is one of the primary ways that fascism asserts itself. The power to engage in acts of violence against designated enemies with near-total impunity is one of the main reasons people join fascist movements. As history makes obvious, once fascists take control of a society they maintain and expand their power through violence.

In an era when the Republican Party, the “conservative” movement and the larger white right have de facto embraced fascism, political violence is a constant threat — and the “culture war” may no longer be largely rhetorical or categorical. Indeed, the struggle over cultural issues are a principal battlefield in the current struggle for American democracy.

Yep, America’s cities were burnt down in 2020 by White Supremacists, Crisis Pregnancy Centers are getting vandalized at the instigation of Ron DeSantis, and conservative mayors and governors have opened the doors of prisons and invited flash mobs to ransack stores. Right wing violence is rampant. Even exhibit #1 of right wing “violence”–January 6th riot–was mostly selfies and walking around the Capitol. The only person who died was shot in the back by a Capitol Police officer, although the president keeps lying and saying 5 people were killed. When Biden opens his mouth nothing but lies and made up words come out, it seems.

To be fair, Salon has been declaring Republicans to be fascists while begging for socialism to be nationalized for quite some time.