NEW YORK CITY MORPHED INTO DETROIT SO QUICKLY, I HARDLY EVEN NOTICED: Anti-CRT Parent Advocate Leaving New York City For The ‘Free State of Florida.’ “Say want you want about the tragedy of George Floyd, but the BLM protests and riots that happened over that summer are a direct result of covid lockdowns. Young people, bored and restless, having been cruelly isolated for months with no school, no playgrounds, no outlets save toxic digital media, were all of a sudden let out of their cages. The virtue of staying home to save Grandma was instantly forgotten. The new virtue was to join the protests and atone for the sins of slavery and Jim Crow. The level of hypocrisy was hard to fathom…By this past summer, the answer I had been avoiding was unavoidable. New York City is not savable. Not for a generation at least. Possibly not forever.”