Meloni represents everything the Left hates and fears. She believes in the nuclear family as a foundation of her country’s survival. She is also a woman and pro-life — perhaps the Left’s worst nightmare. She is against indoctrinating the youth with radical gender ideology. She embraces her religion instead of shunning it. She’s against same-sex marriage. She is also an outspoken critic of the contemporary radical leftist politics that has dragged down Italy for years.

Meloni has already unequivocally condemned fascism. She previously stated that fascism was wrong, archaic, and “handed over to history for decades now.” However, this still isn’t good enough for most of the leftist cult, because they are not interested in what she actually believes — they are just trying to defame her in order to prevent people from listening to what she has to say.

This is why Meloni has been dubbed a “fascist” or the “next Mussolini” by these idiots. None of these issues are fascist, mind you; they just threaten what the radical Left believes. As a result, leftists turn to what they know best, sensationalist fear-mongering. It’s a core tenet of the Left’s global messaging strategy, and it has been so for the last 120 years. They don’t want her to lead Italy because she can become a beacon of hope and potentially change the toxic culture of infanticide that has run rampant around the civilized globe for far too long. The Left fears her influence.

And for good reason, Karol Markowicz writes in the London Daily Mail: The left and feminist harpies are not wrong to hate Italy’s first female prime minister. Giorgia Meloni is everything they are not — independent and plain-spoken.

In a 2018 interview with Reuters, she worried about Italy’s birthrate and the difficult choices facing mothers.

‘The first thing we asked for was a grand plan to sustain the birth rate and give incentives to become parents, which is a priority in our program,’ she said.

Children as important, as necessary, should be a mainstream idea, but the women ‘perfecting’ feminism rarely speak up for them.

Meloni will likely be neither the villain portrayed by the left nor the hero that some on the right hope she will be. Politics in Italy are tumultuous, and her success is not a given. But she is nothing like the monster invented by the left.

Maybe the newly minted Italian politics experts can take a seat and watch from afar what the woman, mother, Italian, Christian does or doesn’t do.

If the GOP takes one or both houses of Congress in November, expect a similar freakout from the DNC-MSM and leftist denizens of social media. I hope Republicans are prepared for it, but strongly suspect they won’t be.