Nope, not even close.

A record heat wave is pushing California’s electric grid up against the point of failure this week, with officials pointing to climate change for putting continued stress on the system.

The California grid is only overworked because leftist politicians have been pushing toward energy policies that make zero sense for decades.

  • Shut down nuclear plants? Check.
  • Push solar and wind infrastructure that can’t sustain diddly squat in order to appear hip and cool? Check.
  • Disincentivize the repair of aging power lines that tends to fail or spark and cause hundreds of wildfires by pushing companies to invest in green energy instead of maintaining current infrastructure? Check.

The California energy problem is man-made. It has nothing to do with climate change.

But it does have much to do with “California’s Potemkin Environmentalism:” No State Imports More Electricity Than California.

Even during the Schwarzenegger era, Max Schultz of City Journal, who coined the above phrase, noted that California’s “celebrated green economy produces pollution elsewhere, ongoing power shortages, and business-crippling costs.” And California’s man-made energy woes have only gotten worse since.