September 2, 2022

JIM TREACHER: Biden Wants to Unite Half the Country Against the Other Half.

Why is this Alzheimer’s patient yelling? It’s like America is a lawn and he wants you off it.

If the Republicans don’t use footage of this crazy old man screaming in front of a blood-red hellscape, they deserve to lose.

I mean, just look at this:

* * * * * * * *

I’m not a big MAGA fan, but this stuff is just nuts. Biden’s polls are tanking, his administration is panicking, and now he looks and sounds like a tyrant in a bad movie. He says he wants to unify the country by destroying anybody who disagrees with him. He wants to stifle dissent to quash “fascism.” It’s at least as crazy as anything Trump has ever said.

It’s time to start seriously talking about impeachment.

Oh, that’s coming: The Democrats damned Biden by impeaching Trump.

Today, Biden is walking back his rhetoric from last night:

Assuming he hasn’t simply forgotten what he said last night, that’s a curious retraction. The president had a career defining visual last night, on par with Gerald Ford stumbling, Clinton posing next to Monica Lewinsky, Obama in Muslim togs, or an out of touch Richard Nixon walking on the beach in bluchers. Why is he backpedaling now? Why did he give the speech in the first place?

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