OH THE HUMANITY: A podcasting conference issued a pathetic multiple-tweet apology because Ben Shapiro happened to swing by for a few minutes.

More reaction to a podcast conference getting the vapors over Shapiro here: Blue-checked podcasting consortium apologizes ‘for the harm done’ by Ben Shapiro showing up at expo where ‘dangerous’ Daily Wire had booth.

UPDATE: Trigger warning: Someone got a photo of the dangerous Ben Shapiro inside podcasting convention. “If you were wondering what reason the Ben Shapiro meltdown is over, check this thread,” whose creator has since gone into lockdown mode:

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“As a trans person, as a queer person, as someone with a uterus, this does not make me feel welcome. This does not make me feel safe.”

As a person of pronouns:

Exit quote: “@starplanes, if someone’s opposing viewpoints or mere presence makes you feel unsafe, then you are, by definition, a weak person. And, your weakness does nothing to help the LGBTQ+ community. The gays at Stonewall stood up to the cops, you can’t stand up to a fast talking Jew?”

And yet…how frightening was Shapiro’s appearance? So horrific that his own company is warning viewers before they watch video of it:


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