August 23, 2022

UGH:  It turns out homicide is the top cause of death among pregnant women. I didn’t know that when I submitted my dissent to the Commission on Civil Rights’ 2021 report on maternal mortality.  If I had, I surely would have pointed it out to my progressive colleagues.  I’m not sure it would have changed their view that the top fear for African American mothers should be racist doctors and nurses.  But it would have given them something to chew on.

Many progressives don’t want to think about how crime affects African American victims.  They regard it as racist to even bring the issue up.  So far, the progressives on the Commission have been unwilling to conduct a study of the crime increase and its disproportionate effect on minorities.  I could say they don’t give a damn, but that may not be precisely true.  It may simply be that they care more about preventing bad publicity for Democrats.

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