August 18, 2022

THE WASHINGTON POST HAS A SAD: The man who shot Reagan wants to play concerts. It’s not going well.

If he were any other shooter — found not guilty by reason of insanity and later deemed not a danger to himself or others — Hinckley might have been free of the court system years ago, and blending in with his guitar at a New York City club. But his victims included a U.S. president, as well as a press secretary, a D.C. police officer and a Secret Service agent. Many people are not eager to see him enjoy the benefits of a life without court supervision.

The Reagan Foundation opposed lifting Hinckley’s restrictions and his attempt at a music career, saying in a statement that Hinckley “apparently seeks to make a profit from his infamy.” A 2021 op-ed in The Washington Post by Patti Davis, one of Reagan’s daughters, also protested his freedom.

“I don’t believe that John Hinckley feels remorse,” she wrote. “Narcissists rarely do.”

We’ve descended into some sort of bizarre hell-world in which Patti Davis is a voice of sanity.

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