August 17, 2022


Ezra Miller is a terrible person, and Variety is very careful to make sure this garbage person isn’t offended by using the wrong pronouns. So much so, they shamed a woman who Ezra ATTACKED for using the wrong pronouns.

Ezra Miller identifies as non-binary. A family in North Dakota identifies him as a pedo grooming their daughter. The woman he choked in Iceland identifies as a woman who Ezra Miller CHOKED AND ATTACKED and was sharing her exclusive story with Variety. The magazine was very careful to make sure we knew the woman who was being choked by a dude wasn’t enlightened enough to know the dude looks like a non-binary.

“At the time of the interview, it was unclear whether the woman was aware Miller uses they/them pronouns.”

Riiiiight. Or, maybe, the woman who Ezra attacked didn’t give a shit as she was describing Ezra attacking her. That could be it, too. She wasn’t confused. A dude attacked her, and she identified him as a dude.

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Yet it’s also tempting to wonder whether Miller’s showily non-binary status is also frightening an industry that has been bending over backwards not to offend an increasingly politicized and vocal section of society. While most LGBTQ people look at Miller’s actions in the same aghast way as everyone else, there are inevitably those who will defend Miller on the grounds that they are somehow being persecuted and that their extraordinary behavior is in fact nothing more than a manifestation of this complex.

This is plainly bogus; otherwise, the entire non-binary community would be doing their best impersonation of a gang of feral savages at all times. But Miller’s strange ability to cling onto their career and public reputation, with an indulgence unoffered to the likes of Depp and Armie Hammer, may suggest that there are different calculations at play than simple commercial expediency. In any case, we shall find out two things before long: whether The Flash is any good, and if Miller can somehow restrain themselves from actions that will land them in prison before their film is released.

I get why Variety is pronoun-obsessed — they wallow in the L.A. show business culture, and they have to keep their subscribers happy, or risk having the social media mob descend upon them. But why is Tory house organ the Spectator using they/them in their article on Miller?

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