August 16, 2022

JOHN NOLTE: Kamala’s Husband’s Motorcade Caught Blocking Handicap Spots.

As someone who needs a handicap spot for my wife, it is beyond frustrating to see people parked in those spots who don’t need them. It’s not the close proximity to the store as much as the extra space needed to set up the walker or wheelchair. That’s what makes those spaces so necessary. And although we have all the necessary credentials, I don’t use that space unless we need it. We park in a normal spot if my wife isn’t exiting the car. Of course, when alone, I never use it—which is illegal anyway.

It’s the arrogance and hypocrisy of these people that’s so galling. Democrats seem to believe that if they profess to care about something, they can abuse it. Democrats claim to care about racial minorities, and yet Democrats are openly racist. Democrats claim to care about women’s rights, and yet they are openly sexist. Democrats claim to care about the handicapped, unless it might inconvenience their jaunt into Whole Foods.

Or to put it another way: ‘Grab [That Leftist] Privilege And Ride It Home, Cowboy!’: Harris Faulkner Blows Up After 2nd Gentleman Blocks Handicapped Parking.


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