August 15, 2022

SO WOKE, SO BROKE: Predictably, The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power Executive Producer Calls Critics Racists.

Executive producer Lindsey Weber predictably decided to attack The Lord of the Rings and Tolkien fans as racists.

Weber made it abundantly clear the production and show would be eschewing Tolkien’s work when she told Vanity Fair in February, “It felt only natural to us that an adaptation of Tolkien’s work would reflect what the world actually looks like.”

“Tolkien is for everyone,” she added. “His stories are about his fictional races doing their best work when they leave the isolation of their own cultures and come together.

Months after making it extremely clear that the show would not be following Tolkien’s works, Weber is now accusing critics of racism.

From everything I’ve seen and read, the woke casting is the least of the show’s many troubles. After watching the trailer — and trying to forget the painful promotional clips and photos — if you asked me what the show was about, the best answer I could give would be, “People run places.”

Amazon reportedly spent nearly half a billion dollars just getting the first season produced. The plan is for five seasons, and the first cost nearly $60 million per episode.

On top of production costs, Amazon paid an “insane” $250 million just for the rights to Tolkien’s lesser-known Middle Earth appendices, but have strayed so far from the source material that it’s a stretch to put “Lord of the Rings” in the title.

Considering that the producers are already at war with the Tolkien fans — whose word-of-mouth could break the show — The Rings of Power looks like it might end up the most expensive flop in history.

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