NICE: Chris Pratt smashes the ‘woke critics’ of his new show ‘The Terminal List,’ takes to Instagram to troll them.

The show follows Pratt’s character, Navy SEAL commander James Reece, who is determined to find out who killed his platoon and get revenge.

While critics were not pleased with the production, many fans immediately came to Pratt’s rescue, with the audience score on the review site coming in as 94% “fresh.”

In a brazen move, the “Wanted” star took to his Instagram story, sharing a report that suggested the actor defied “woke critics.”

In a follow-up post, Pratt shared a picture of the infamous Dr. Evil from the “Austin Powers” films, referencing the enormous amount of people who had streamed his show on Prime Video that had clearly disregarded any negative commentary.

It’d be nicer just to let the work — and its success – speak for itself, but the Left murdered niceties.