“DARK BRANDON” MAY BE ON LIFE SUPPORT, POLITICALLY. Stelter: Hey, Hunter Biden is “not just a right-wing media story” any more, you know.

Why was it only a “right-wing media story” in 2020? Because mainstream media ran interference for Joe Biden in 2020. Why is it a legit story now? Because mainstream media now wants to jettison Biden in order to salvage the standing of other Democrats.

In the meantime, the actual facts of the story haven’t changed at all. The laptop data is the same, the testimonies of others around have remained the same, and so on. The only additions have come because the New York Post and other “right-wing” media outlets kept investigating and reporting on the story while the “mainstream” media and Big Tech platforms kept calling it “Russian disinformation.”

It’s narrative journalism at its worst … in both directions.

Joe Concha ripped Stelter and the media bias on display on Fox News. He also brings the receipts on Stelter’s hypocrisy:

[Video at link]

“Now that he has a new boss,” Concha says about Stelter, “I guess he’s trying to keep his job by actually doing his job.” That gives Stelter too much credit here. He’s trying to keep his job by helping Democrats push the Bidens to the sidelines.  Although, according to Puck News, the layoffs may be a-comin’ at CNN soon. Stay tuned … or not.

And possibly not just CNN: As David Zaslav Goes Straight Savage Cutting and Cancelling Everything #Woke at Warner Discovery, SJWs Start Shrieking About MuhFakeJobs.

Rumors are flying that Zaslav is going to end, mostly, DC’s monthly comic business, and either start publishing just the occasional graphic novel, or perhaps license out their eight or ten actually-valuable characters to some other company. The result will be a lot less work for the people who killed the American comic book industry.

And they’re screaming. They think that calling Zaslav a racist will work.

Here’s one of DC’s more obnoxious SJWs attempting the “I’ll call my boss a racist to keep him from firing me” card.

Not this time.

The Warner empire went woke — Zaslav is now in cleanup mode to prevent it from going broke.