I’M SHOCKED — THIS IS AN ATTACK ON PRESS CREDIBILITY THAT’S ENDANGERING U.S. DEMOCRACY AND GLOBAL PRESS FREEDOM: Biden Spokesman John Kirby Reprimands Reporter for Shouting Over Others in Briefing Room: ‘You Know Where We Are?’

The National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications and former State Department spokesman had it out with Simon Ateba of Today News Africa.

Ateba spoke continuously as Kirby attempted to field a question from another reporter.

“Mr. Kirby, can you verify [inaudible],” Ateba said. Others, including Kirby, spoke over one another, but Ateba continued.

“If you allow me to ask you the question,” Ateba said, but was cut off by Kirby, who asked him, “Your name is Simon, right?”

Ateba continued asking his question, which was inaudible.

“Simon. Simon. Simon. Simon, sir, I’m going to call on this man,” Kirby said as Ateba spoke unabated. “Now sir, listen now, I’ve been polite to you, but I expect a little bit of respect in return.”

Kirby asked Ateba, “You know where we are?” before he answered his own question.

“This is the White House press briefing room, and you need to be more respectful,” he said. “I am going to call on this reporter.”

Ateba quieted himself and the briefing continued.

The reporter notably disrupted former White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s final briefing.

(Classical allusion — from April of 2020 — in headline.)