August 5, 2022

HMM: Walls close in on Zuckerberg as executives desert Meta.

This increasing disconnect at Meta’s highest level comes as Zuckerberg’s ideas to keep his company at the top of the social media pile begin to look increasingly unsteady.

Facebook insiders hold mixed views on the executive flight, both through the medium of pink slips and through self-directed corporate postings to far flung locations.

According to one source, Sir Nick’s promotion in February to president of global affairs displayed that Zuckerberg’s trust in him had reached an all-time high: “it’s pretty important that a figure like him has good connections in Europe.”

Good as those connections may be, what Meta needs is good ideas and they are in visibly short supply.

I logged into Facebook this week for the first time in months — maybe longer — and the UI was a hot mess. The website looks like a platform that doesn’t know what it’s supposed to be, and I guess you could say the same of the company as a whole.

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