EVEN THE GECKOS ARE FLEEING CALIFORNIA: GEICO closes all California offices, lays off workers: report. “GEICO has reportedly closed all 38 of its agent offices in California, laid off hundreds of employees, and will no longer sell insurance through telephone agents in the state. Californians can still obtain GEICO policies in the state, but only through a computer or a mobile device, posing a challenge for those who are not technologically proficient.”

In addition to skyrocketing insurance claims in lawless Democrat-monopoly cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, it sounds like AB5 is causing yet more casualties. On its page headlined, “Own A GEICO Agency,” the insurer notes that “As a GEICO Local Agent, you own a local GEICO insurance agency and are an independent contractor exclusively writing business for GEICO and affiliated companies.” Good work, Sacramento!