MINISTRY OF TRUTH UPDATES CHOCOLATE RATION FIGURES: Wikipedia joins in the gaslighting! Online encyclopedia suspends edits to its ‘recession’ page after woke users changed definition to align with Biden’s claim that the US isn’t in one.

Wikipedia has suspended the edit feature on its ‘Recession’ page after users flocked to amend it to concur with President Biden’s claim that the US isn’t suffering a downturn.

The page was altered at least 47 times over a roughly 24-hour period, with an administrator locking unregistered users out until AugustĀ in an effort to curb what the encyclopedia website characterizes as ‘vandalism,’ and ‘malicious’ edits.

The edit-freeze comes as numerous members of the Biden administration have tried to argue the country is not in a recession by casting doubt on the word’s definition, which commonly agreed upon to be two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth.

One member made repeated edits to the Wikipedia page to insist there was ‘no global consensus’ on the definition of recession, in what appears to be a bizarre attempt to push White House messaging.

Winston Smith and company have been working overtime:

Of course, it’s possible some of the revisions were attempts to re-insert the correct definition:

UPDATE: The Pelosi-approved definition:

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