THE THEORY OF THE RULING CLASS: All the Trips to Davos Have Gone to Larry Fink’s Head. The Black Rock CEO and Mike Bloomberg are part of “an agglomeration of billionaires who have decided that they’d quite like the world to be run according to their personal policy preferences – thank you very much – and that they don’t intend to subject themselves to indignities like getting elected in order to achieve that end.”

As Larry and Mike (and Brian Moynihan of Bank of America and David Solomon of Goldman Sachs and the rest of the Davos crowd) “force” American corporations to sign on to political-schedule decarbonization because they’re so personally passionate about it, they’ve also engineered an exemption from the European Union’s new “green” fuel tax for – do you even have to guess? – private jets.

Larry & Co., you see, mean not only to rule like dictators, but to live like dictators.

Come on, you can’t expect Larry and Mike to pay a penalty for flying to Davos for their conferences to save the world with other people’s money. Fuel taxes are for the little people.