July 26, 2022


A coalition of climate advocacy groups says it’s time to leave everything on the field and plans to disrupt this year’s annual Congressional Baseball Game on Thu., July 28 unless Democrats pass climate legislation.

Organizers of The Coal Baron Blockade, which includes West Virginia Rising, along with the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, and Beyond Extreme Energy, say they don’t believe sweeping climate legislation included in President Biden’s Build Back Better plan will pass the Senate. As a result, they are calling for this “Now or Never” action to push for the provisions to be included in a reconciliation bill that would be easier to pass since it would only require a simple majority. Build Back Better proposed $555 billion to fund electric vehicle tax credits, renewable power, and other clean energy initiatives.

“This action is coming from a deep, long-building frustration with Democratic failure to pass a reconciliation package that addresses the climate crisis as well as the crisis of rising costs,” says Jamie DeMarco, federal policy director for the Chesapeake Climate Action Network. “We all know the government is currently considering a package that would reduce the cost of energy, reduce the cost of prescription drugs, or possibly reduce the cost of health care, and do it all while reducing our emissions and fighting inflation by reducing the deficit.”

This wouldn’t be the first time that leftist “advocates” have “shut down the congressional baseball game,” but curiously, typing CTL-F “Scalise” on the article brings back zero results.


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