THE PROTEST AGAINST THE WORKINGMAN: The Democrats’ green war on the working class.

As some of us have been pointing out ad nauseum, we don’t have a political, partisan divide in the US. We have a class divide that separates college-educated elites from the working class. And the left has become almost completely aligned with those college-educated elites.

How did this happen? Turn on CNN or MSNBC or open the New York Times and you’ll be told that the fault lies with the Democrats’ messaging. ‘Why do Democrats suck at messaging?’, asks Vanity Fair. ‘Do Democrats have a messaging problem?’, asks the New York Times. ‘Yes, Democratic messaging sucks. But it’s harder to fix than you think’, the New Republic explains.

But the real problem isn’t the Democrats’ messaging – it’s their priorities. In fact, their messaging is actually impeccable. It signals very accurately what their values are and, by extension, who they view as their base.

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