WOKE IS A JOKE: I’m always shocked (well, not shocked but p**sed off) when giant mega-corps spend money conning people how “woke” they are instead of treating people equally and fairly. Today’s sh*t list includes Goldman Sachs (the “Giant Vampire Squid”) who talks the talk but can’t walk the walk.

Old pal and investigative reporter Susan Antilla shows how Goldman Sachs uses the arbitration system to keep heinous treatment away from public scrutiny:

Last spring, Goldman was pushed by shareholders to investigate its arbitration policy and determine how its use of a private justice system impacted employees. In December, Goldman reported that while there had been concerns that arbitration may “allow harassment and discrimination to go unseen and unaddressed,” its review found that those concerns simply didn’t apply to Goldman. The law firm that represented Jeffrey Epstein and Roman Polanski in their sexual assault cases conducted the investigation, assisted by a scholar who is on the panels of two arbitration providers.

Nice company you keep there, Goldman.