POUNCING, SEIZING — AND LATCHING! New York Times: GOP ‘Seizes on Inflation,’ Campaign Ads Risk Recession?

[New York Times economic policy reporter Alan Rappeport] couldn’t avoid how the inflation issue was killing the administration in polls. When Republicans weren’t “seizing,” they were latching:

….Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen has acknowledged that the pandemic aid package contributed to inflation by spurring demand in the economy. Last month, she admitted that she was “wrong” to describe price increases as “transitory.”

Republicans have latched on to that as proof that Democrats and the Biden administration misled voters and mishandled the economy and to claim — despite a strong labor market and other signs of economic health — that the nation is on the verge of economic collapse.

Even though Joe Biden is president and his party controls both houses of Congress, Rappeport suggested further inflation fallout, including a recession, might be the fault of….the Republican Party talking about it in political ads?