JIM TREACHER: Sounds Like Japan Needs Some Gun Laws.

Shinzo Abe was 67.

I really don’t want to hear that this sort of thing only happens in America. Japan has some of the strictest gun laws in the world, and none of those laws stopped this lunatic from making his own gun and shooting a politician with it. Laws mean nothing to the evil and the insane.

The NRA didn’t do this, unless there’s a Nipponese Rifle Association.

And once again, our media is a disgrace. Here’s how NPR decided to remember Shinzo Abe:

The man who was just assassinated was divisive and arch-conservative, huh?

And here’s their second attempt, after they deleted that one:

2022’s version of the Journolist must have been hopping late last night and this morning: CBS Smears Abe as ‘Polarizing,’ ‘Right-Wing Nationalist’ With ‘Controversial’ Views.

UPDATE: Don Surber spots the AP smearing Abe as well:

As Surber writes, “AP claims to be a news agency…Fact-check: LOL.”

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