July 7, 2022


Still, my favorite part of the back and forth occurred when [Ben Smith, formerly of BuzzFeed and the New York Times] once again tried to goad Carlson over the issue of race. The response was both hilarious and on point.

Carlson hits the nail on the head. If you are a conservative in America, your ire is most likely pointed at affluent, white liberals (related: We Need to Talk About White, Liberal Wine Moms) who believe they are the saviors of minorities and push radical left-wing policies with no care for the unintended consequences. It’s not black people that Carlson is worried about. It’s certainly not Hispanics, many of whom are trending Republican these days. Rather, it’s people like Smith who pose the most present ideological danger to the nation, and last I checked, he’s white.

The bottom line is that Carlson is not going to bend the knee to left-wing lunatics who think that crying “white supremacist” is the peak of intellectualism. Smith can continue to gnash his teeth over eight-second Media Matters clips, but Carlson’s influence goes so far beyond that of his critics. He’s winning and they aren’t. That drives them insane.

Exit quote: Carlson tells Smith, “This is why you are considered, correctly, a propagandist and not a journalist. I just explained in detail, with total sincerity, what I believe, you ignored it, and invoked mass shooters.”

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