July 5, 2022

THIS JUST IN: “Left Wing Rag Misses Big Picture.” The Hollywood Reporter is a slavishly left-wing rag written by the wokest of the woke, (FFS, it’s even got “Hollywood” in its name, a dead giveaway) but there’s an interesting unasked question here.

At Bloomberg we required reporters look for something called “The Future Word.” It’s not enough to say what happened and who said what. We need to ask what’s at stake, what might the future bring? It’s painfully clear that the only thing on The Hollywood Reporter‘s radar is protecting women (I know, I’m not a biologist either) from having their clinical visits tracked. I get it. The less the government follows me, what I read, buy, consume or visit, the better. The point (missed by major media) is that goes for a lot more than abortion.

There’s going to come a time — I promise — when Google will be faced with a viable class action suit from people who had their visits to gun shops tracked, and handed over to someone. And The Hollywood Reporter (along with the Limousine Liberals of Malibu) will be silent.

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