The City of Orlando issued a statement Saturday after sending out a promotion for the city’s fireworks display which claimed that people “probably” don’t want to celebrate because America is full of “hate,” and adding “we can’t blame them.”

The municipality’s City News email on Friday opened with a downer premise, an appeal to come on out to see fireworks for their own sake, despite there being nothing good to like about the United States.

The official email’s entire pitch was focused on the idea of not wanting to celebrate the United States, which is what the backlash was focused on despite the Orlando Sentinel inexplicably downplaying it as merely being about “mentioning division.”

“A lot of people probably don’t want to celebrate our nation right now, and we can’t blame them. When there is so much division, hate and unrest, why on earth would you want to have a party celebrating any of it?” the email began.

The party affiliation of the city’s mayor isn’t listed, but it isn’t hard to guess.

Meanwhile, Colorado socialists decided to up the stakes…

…for a time:

And if you missed it earlier: Official Arizona Democrat account promotes ‘F*ck the Fourth’ event.

I’m not sure if going full Weimar is a winning message for the left with the midterms approaching, but then, there’s a reason why the late Roger Scruton dubbed it “the Culture of Repudiation.” “In all of his political writings, Scruton takes on the Left for scorning existing norms and customs, and for promoting a ‘culture of repudiation.’ The Left is ‘negative.’ It dismisses ‘every aspect of our cultural capital’ with the language of brutal invective: accusing every defender of human nature and sound tradition of ‘racism,’ ‘xenophobia,’ ‘homophobia,’ and ‘sexism.’ Like 1984’s ‘two minutes of hate,’ this language tears down, intimidates, and can never build anything humane or constructive—it is nihilistic to the core. At the same time, Scruton wants to reach out to reasonable liberals who eschew ideology and who still believe in civility and the promise of national belonging. His conservatism can discern the truth in liberalism (another Aristotelian trait) while the partisans of repudiation see half the human race as enemies.”