June 29, 2022

DON’T GET COCKY: Democrats spending millions to protect two blue state senators.

Less than a year ago, a GOP Senate victory in deep blue Washington state would have been unthinkable. But now, Democrats are spending millions on advertising in several once-reliable Democratic strongholds, including Washington, as Republicans build national momentum and push for new Senate pickups.

There’s a similar panic in Colorado, where Tuesday’s GOP Senate primary has also drawn millions of dollars in Democratic-funded ads to boost a far-right candidate, a massive last-ditch campaign to keep a moderate Republican off the ballot this fall.

Washington’s Democratic Sen. Patty Murray, meanwhile, has spent more than $1 million on television ads in recent weeks, including two attacking her Republican opponent, Tiffany Smiley, in a state President Joe Biden won by nearly 20 points.

Both sets of ad buys suggest that Republicans are pressing to expand the number of Senate races in which they might pick up a seat in the narrowly divided chamber — and Democrats are worried they may be becoming even more vulnerable.

Get’em skeered and keep the skeer on ’em.

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